Flying is the safest mode of transportation available, however, it’s also one of the dirtiest modes of transportation as well.  We have compiled a list of items you need to do before and during your next flight.

Tip 1:  Take hand sanitzer

A small bottle of hand sanitizer could be the difference of remaining healthy or catching some random illness.  Most bottles can be purchased for just $1-2 in any local pharmacy, so make sure to bring a bottle to use throughout the flight.  You will encounter many dirty surfaces such as:

  • Overhead luggage bins
  • Seat backs
  • Personal TV’s
  • Armrests
  • Magazines / Safety card
  • Lavatory/bathroom
  • Suitcase/carry-on

Tip 2:  Carry wet napkins in your purse / briefcase / backpack

Wet naps or baby wipes cost as little as $1-2 and can help prevent a wide myriad of bacteria from entering your body.  Be sure to wipe down the armrests, front/back of the tray table, and personal tv screen as soon as you sit down.  The earlier you do this, the less likely you are to pick up someone else’s germs.  Also, don’t forget to offer one to your neighbors on either side.  In my experience, most people accept my offer, and are very kind the remainder of the flight thanks to your generosity.

Tip 3:  Avoid sick passengers

If you notice the guy sitting next to you is sneezing or coughing up a storm, try to move seats ASAP!  An airplane is nothing more than a flying incubation chamber, and before that flight is over, everyone around you will have picked up the bacteria and germs from that sick individual.  Ask the flight attendants or gate agent if other seats are available (depending on how full the flight is).